Rogue Umpqua Divide - Lake Trail - October 11, 2014
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration by Lois Soulia

It was the hike that said “Summer is over, get out your rain ponchos.”

Three people met in the usual place and rendezvoused with Edwin and Ilona at the Forest Glen Residence in Canyonville. It was sprinkling rain when the group started out and it continued to rain all day.

Critters seen were deer, crawdads in Buckeye Lake, and ducks (always at the opposite side of the lakes from the hikers). Pretty tame fare for an Edwin Hike. The group made it to the top of Grasshopper Peak which had a view of .... fog. It was about an eight mile hike which took five hours even for some of the speediest hikers in the club. Edwin is to be commended for leading a hike to such grand if wet scenery.

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