Revised Hike to Riverview Trail along the North Umpqua Trail - November 22, 2014
Coordinator Diana Pace, narration by Lois Soulia

According to the weatherman it was going to be another dark and stormy day on the coast so the eight members at the parking lot, remembering all too well the last time the club had a hike at that location, decided not to battle the rain and gale force winds. After some discussion, they decided to do a portion of the Riverview trail on the north Umpqua.

They started at the Bogus Creek Campground access point in order to avoid the creek near the Riverview access at Steamboat that crosses and blocks the trail during high water times because there was a lot of water all over the place. There was so much water that ordinary creeks along the way were high-powered rapids and waterfalls all along the trail.

Fall Creek Falls was amazing with huge volumes of water, the most water pouring over the cliffs anyone had ever seen there. The sight and impact of the velocity of the water along the creek on its way to the turbulent Umpqua made being very wet on a stormy day’s hike well worth the effort. The hike ended up being a 5.32 mile hike with a shuttle.

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