Boundry Springs - November 8, 2014
Coordinator John Malone, narration by Lois Soulia, and pictures by Kevin Barnhardt

John Malone must be talking to the right weather gods because after the last two really really wet and rainy club hikes, he had a perfect hiking day. Eighteen people showed up after collecting participants all along Hwy 138.

Arriving at the trailhead off Hwy 230 at the pull-out with the sign “Crater Rim Viewpoint”, John gathered the group to explain the route and to show them a map of the hike.

The group started down the canyon, first following the Upper Rogue River Trail, then veering left onto the Boundary Springs Trail which intersects with a dirt road then making a right turn to get back on the Boundary Springs trail, leaving the road. The sights and the scents of the alpine forest appealed to the senses all along the way.

The rivers and creeks sang their song along the 100-foot deep canyon formed by Mt. Mazama’s eruption some 7700 years ago. There were good bridges to get across the Rogue and some teetering- on- the- wet- log crossings elsewhere.

Arriving at the springs which come from snow melt from the high country, not from Crater Lake itself as once believed, the group enjoyed the views of mossy green fallen logs along the brand new river marveling at how such a mighty river like the Rogue comes from the small bubbling springs. They turned back along the trail for lunch on a sunny bank .

Some of the hikers admired the stands of noble fir which would make beautiful Christmas trees and while thinking that Santa and Mrs. Claus came up the trail, he in his fluffy white Santa beard and Mrs. Claus with white pigtails and shorts.

A beautiful hike on a beautiful day. Thanks to John for leading the hike.


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