South Slough and Hidden Tunnel - December 20, 2014
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Rachel Swieck

Edwin Case had a wonderful idea for a new hike on the Oregon Coast, well actually not altogether the coast, in that Edwin first led his group of six hikers on the Fredrickson’s Marsh trail out of the South Slough Preserve maze of trails. The group followed the Marsh trail until the trail became more of a slough itself with about a foot of water in it. Returning to the headquarters of the Preserve at lunchtime, the group was invited to partake of their lunch in the classroom building which shielded them from the never-ending coastal rain. Shelter from the storm no less!

After lunch, Edwin revealed the route to a secret cave (tunnel ?) on the ocean side of Hwy. 101. Turning left, just past the Pacific Seafood Factory, the group headed up the hill towards the lighthouse to park along the road where the trail takes off, near where there is a view of the lighthouse. The cave is almost as long as a football field and some members of the group were happy to borrow Edwin’s flashlights to light their way –only one member having heeded the e-mail warning to bring a flashlight. The tunnel or cave leads to the ocean’s edge and probably is a leftover defense measure from WWII. It was a really neat experience in spite of the inclement weather.

Thanks Edwin for keeping our hiking interesting and our club functioning.


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