Riverview Trail on the North Umpqua Trail - February 1, 2014
Coordinator Rheo Wheeler, narration by Rheo Wheeler and pictures by name

We had a group of 16 leave the courthouse and head up the North Umpqua for what we hoped would be a sunny hike. We almost missed Bill Riley in Glide, but were able to make a quick turnaround and Edwin snatched him up. We met Casey and Trip at the trailhead and our group of 18 two legged and 1 four legged was complete.

We got our wish for a beautiful sunny day with temperatures probably in the 40's. This trail is mostly hiked on an old fire road, nice and wide, and not too steep. We had 4 drop off at Bogus Creek, which is around 5 miles in, and they acted as our shuttle cars so the rest could hike on to Fall Creek Falls. We had lunch in the sunshine at the top of the falls. The trail down from the falls was rather popular, people with dogs and kids trying to tire one another out. It was a an enjoyable early hike with no one over their head in water. We really enjoyed having the company of some of the South Coast Striders join us for this 8+ mile hike


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