Rogue River, Whiskey Creek to the Black Bar Lodge - March 1, 2014
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration by Edwin Case and Lois Soulia. Pictures by Bill Riley and Rheo Wheeler.

March 1, of course the forecast was rain which greeted hikers who met in the County parking lot and then others who rendezvous at Canyonville and later at Graves Creek making a total of 24 hikers including Talon. By the time they found their way to the trailhead leading to the Whiskey Creek Cabin, the rain stopped and conditions became quite pleasant for hiking. Along the route some muttering was heard regarding Edwin’s ability to carve out hikes in little-known places. To give him credit, he made three separate trips scouting out this particular hike.

Along the river, heading west on the Rogue River Trail there were lovely vistas of the fast flowing jade green river which were new to many of those hiking that day. The hardy hikers who had backpacked the trail last summer remarked on some of the familiar spots they treasured from that hike.

As per usual, the hikers divided up along the trail, with some fast hikers going for the distance which ended up about 8.84 miles round trip and others hiking a shorter distance, about five and a half miles. The long segment going back up to the trailhead was grueling on top of the miles already traveled. One of the club radios liked the scenery so well it jumped out of the bearer’s pocket for an unrecoverable trip to the river. The Snow Queen flowers were out. Ceresse saw a blooming Shooting Star and in two weeks the hills will be covered with them. Some mention was made of the lack of wildlife sightings which have occurred on some of Edwin’s hikes.

The first carload on the way home (Lois’s) encountered a flock of goats, some fifteen billys, nannys and absolutely adorable kids, wandering down the middle of Graves Creek Road. Rheo, Bill. Rachel and Lois added about a half mile to their day’s hike after piling out of the car and herding the flock back to their abode. That took care of rounding up the hiking distance chalked up that day to nine miles (so there, Rick) and the expectation of wild animal sightings on an Edwin hike. Of course it is questionable which passers- by might have labeled “wild” the goats or the sweaty hikers.

Edwin always goes the extra mile to make hikes fun, exciting and safe. Good job, Edwin.

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