Brice Creek, Umpqua National Forest Bohemia Mining District - March 29, 2014
Coordinator Jacky and Rick Sohn, narration by Rick Sohn and pictures by Rick Sohn and Valerie Johnson

19 brave Hiker Friends -- including 4 brave newbies -- met behind the Douglas County Courthouse, and departed for Brice Creek on March 29, 2014. All were willing to hike the day after heavy rains, with more predicted. Yet, as nature often does, we were in for a treat. We met the green (although not clear), bank-full and roaring Brice Creek, while the weather cooperated with occasional sunlight. Our hike started about 10:00 am.

Most members opted for the Long Option to Upper Trestle Creek Falls, and were not disappointed. After winding through blooming violets, poison oak twigs, and large Douglas-firs lined up right along the trail, we were rewarded with the torrent of Trestle Creek, looking like it would wash us away.

The walk behind the falls was drippy and splashy, but safe and worth it. We wound our way down the trail, and backtracked a half-mile to take in the lower Trestle Creek Falls. On the way we passed new oxalis leaves, which some of us snacked, miner’s lettuce, many moss-covered windfall trees, and the old power supply Flume ditch, likely dug by Chinese laborers in the late 1800’s.

Back on the main trail, we crossed the wooden bridge to Lund Park for a brief lunch cut short by a heavy shower and fear of more to come. But nature was on our side. We headed down Brice Creek (more like a river), past lambs tongues, blooming wild ginger, deer-head orchids, more fresh blow-down trees to scramble over, and frothing river rapids, the water lapping right up to the trail in places. With more than a dozen waterfalls on or under the trail, small sections of the trail itself had become creeks.

Nearly 9 miles from the start, we entered the West Brice Trailhead campground for the ride home, at about 3:00 pm, and we cannot wait for the next exciting hike.


for more pictures see Valerie Johnson's One Drive album

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