Blacklock Point to Floras Lake - May 10th, 2014
Coordinator Rheo Wheeler, narration and pictures by Rheo Wheeler

There were only 7 hikers who felt the need for a rainy hike on Saturday. And what better place to get wet than at the coast. We met Elona in Winston and Kevin at the trailhead and off we went, accompanied by 3, four-legged friends, a total of 9 two legger's.

The trail was really wet as it had only quit raining a few hours, or minutes before we headed for Blacklock Point under sunny skies. Yes SUNNY!!! SUNNY ALL DAY AND NO WIND!!!!!!!!!!!! The trail has some nice side outs around the puddles, but it was still muddy in places. Lots of wild flowers blooming, regular sized irises (not the little wild kind),wild strawberries, rhododendrons, and lots more I'm unsure of.

We had lunch overlooking the point, then headed back to catch the coast trail to Floras Lake. The tide was on its way out so some of us were able to get down to walk the beach, while others stayed on the trail above the beach. Total mileage wasn't major, only somewhere between 5 & 6 miles, but well worth it. Enjoy the pictures.


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