Rogue River Ranch to Zane Grey's Cabin - May 24, 2014
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Rheo Wheeler

Fifteen people turned out for Edwin’s “new” hike on the Rogue River accompanied by two well behaved dogs. From the usual courthouse parking lot meeting place, the group rendezvoused with Edwin, who took over the helm at the tri-city exit (103) to guide the group in another safari on the Rogue River starting at the famous Rogue River Ranch Museum. Edwin provided hand-drawn maps of the route to the trailhead and the spots of interest along the river.

The trail is well used and follows the route of the river upriver from the ranch. Most of the time it is quite a ways uphill from the river but in the shady areas of the trail and where streams bisect the trail, there are green and shady oasis which give relief from a strong sun and a cool reminder of the powerful river below. The river itself is also heavily used with many varieties of water craft floating and bobbing down its course. There is a large plaque in honor of a fire fighter named Luis Hernandez along the trail, honoring his bravery on the Quail Creek fire. The plaque was not noticeable on the trip out but very visible coming back.

Late spring wildflowers spotted were: White Hyacinth or Fool’s Onion, Bear Grass, a few Clarkia and the Forktooth Ookow. Lizards abounded, pushing the panic button as hiking boots approached. An adolescent grouse was spotted along the road and it seemed to pose for the car convoy. Animal spotting were not up to Edwin’s usual offerings. No rattlesnakes, bears, or goats.

Those who made it to Zane Grey’s cabin were able to explore the mostly empty cabin, although a large box inside gave cause for contemplation. Firebox, maybe? There was a nice beach at lunch time for those who hiked far enough and down to the river. One member was surprised at how warm the water seemed, which was balm to hikers’ hot feet .

Distance ranged from about 5 miles to close to ten miles, hiker’s choice. Edwin is to be commended for working so hard on making this hike possible.


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