Tire Mountain - June 21, 2014
Coordinator Rheo Wheeler, narration and pictures by Rheo Wheeler

We had a lucky 13 folks who tackled Tire Mt. and 3 of our 4 legged varieties, Holly, Rico, and Willa. 3 of our 13 were new to our group, welcome to Fran, Rani, and Amanda.

This is definitely the wildflower hike. Every hillside meadow was a virtual carpet of flowers. Unfortunately our wildflower identifiers were not along to enlighten the group so we did the best we could. Diane Rannow was unable to lead this hike so Rheo stepped in as her unequal replacement. This trail is used mostly by mountain bikers, who also do a wonderful job maintaining the trail, so at times it seemed to be a bit crowded. We took turns stepping off the trail so all could pass, quite civilized really.

We had lunch above a hillside meadow which required a scramble off the trail and then a real tricky slide/slip/scramble back to the trail and we all survived. We all made it to the top of Tire Mt. for the no-view look around. Last time here I remember being able to see where a few of the footings for the fire watch tower were, now even those remains are gone. The trip back to the cars had us re-admiring all the beautiful flowers and the perfect weather for this hike.

for more pictures see Valerie Johnson's One Drive Album

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