Whitehorse Meadows - June 7, 2014
Coordinators Ray and Linda Jensen, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Ray Jensen and Bill Riley

What is so rare as a day in June and what should one do with it? Hike, of course. Fifteen people met in the Douglas County Parking lot, picked up a passenger in Glide and gathered the final two hikers at the big Camus Road where the convoy turned up the mountains at Copeland Creek to the 5,700 foot trailhead for Whitehorse Meadows.

Ray and Linda had pre-hiked the trail the previous week and did considerable trail work in preparation for this day’s hike which the hikers greatly appreciated. There were only a couple of blow- down trees to get over or around. The Jensens were amazed at the difference a week made in the amount of snow along the trail. The trail slants generally down for the three plus mile hike into the meadows. The hardy hikers hiked down to Wolf Lake turned around and hiked back up from the lake. Linda was the patient sweep for three slower hikers who went only partway down to the lake then turned back to the meadow trail.

The vistas were amazing, the Rattlesnake Fire in 2009 opened up scenery which wouldn’t have been visible through live trees. The meadows showed tantalizingly through the dead trees and lured the hikers onward with their lush greenery. At the meadow, the lunch spot, were unusual blue violets, alpine shooting stars, larkspur, march marigolds Indian paintbrush, and pink cone flowers. The area was high enough that the earlier flowers long gone at lower altitudes were still on show. The bear grass plants were just on the edge of blooming. There was no sign of the big Rainbow Family campout of 1978 which had caused such a stir at the time.

After lunch in the meadow, the group left the two intrepid backpackers who were planning to spend the night and hiked the three miles back to the trailhead. All but three had what it took to explore and climb Black Rock close to the trailhead. At about 6,150 feet in altitude the view was astounding, showcasing the Crater Rim, Diamond Peak, Mt. Bailey and Theilsen in a panoramic circle . Hikers made hikes of about 7 miles to more than 8 miles depending on their choices.

Ray and Linda did a wonderful job and put in a lot of time to make this a successful hike.


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