Baker Beach - July 5, 2014
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Kevin Bernhart

Cool beginnings at 8 a.m., to a hot day in Roseburg. 10 people, including two “newbies” turned out for a hike on Baker Beach near Florence. After a slow (55 mph) progression to the coast, ( Lois is still smarting from her speeding ticket on another Baker Beach outing), the group arrived at the Lane county park by Driftwood Shores Motel at the end of Heceta Beach Rd. where a shuttle car was deposited.

The group then drove to the Baker Beach Road which ends at the Baker Beach campground from where the hike started.

After clambering up the fore dunes and to the ocean, the group embarked upon an unusually flat hike. The only climbing involved was at the beginning out of Baker Beach and up the rocks on the North Jetty. “ Flat” comes close to meaning “ boring” but there were distractions which rescued the hike from that onerous description. Amazingly, for the Oregon coast, the wind was a soft breeze in both directions. The dreaded Sutton Creek crossing was not an up-to-the-waist event as described by Richard, although most hikers removed their boots for the ankle deep wade.

The most outstanding aspect of the hike was the blooming and stranding of the jellyfish. That is to say the sea jellies, known as Velella Velella or By-the-wind sailor jellyfish which were stranded along the beach in the thousands coloring the beach in blue stripes and glistening in the sun. Some had been there so long that the bodies had dried out. The Internet has recipes… The smell was amazing. Some of us watched as a family dog joyously discovered a huge pile of stinking bodies and rapturously dove in and rolled over and over and any way it could to bring a lovely smelly dog back to his family for a interesting ride home. Fortunately, the dog accompanying us was better behaved.

Those who hiked to the jetty were rewarded by a view of fishing and diving pelicans near the jetty. It was good to have Larry & Dania with us again . Roseburg’s heat was a shock after spending the day on the temperate coast. Mileage was about 6 miles for some and 7+ miles for others who made it to the jetty and back.


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