South Waldo Lake - September 27, 2014
Coordinator Richard O'Neill, narration and pictures by Richard O'Neill

Several years ago, we backpacked around Waldo Lake and the hike was remembered by all for the astonishing amounts of voracious mosquitoes lurking in the woods. But Waldo Lake is beautiful and warranted another visit, but not during mosquito season. Ergo, the Friends went hiking there in early October.

For most of the hikers who attended, this was a first time visit to Waldo Lake. At first, Waldo underwhelmed as it seemed small. But looks can be deceiving as we were walking around a small cove near Shadow Bay. Once we passed by the cove, the largeness of the lake (it's Oregon's second largest natural lake) was better appreciated.

A short two-ish mile walk brought us to the South Waldo Shelter where we took a quick break before resuming. John, who was part of the Waldo backpack mentioned previously, and I agreed to regroup at a nearby beach along the lake. My intent was then to hike a loop trail through Black Meadows. However, John was recalling a different beach where we had stopped to swim and he took the lead group past my intended beach so we were sort of committed to John's beach at that point.

It was all good though, and we ate lunch overlooking the lake with a great view of The Twins and Maiden Peak across the lake. Unfortunately, there was a wasp nest in our lunch site and a couple of got stung. After lunch we simply went back the way we came while those of us with cameras (Me and Kevin) stopped frequently to take pictures of all the mushrooms sprouting along the trail.

A great time was had by all and best of all, we went home with no mosquito stories.


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