North Bank Habitat - January 3, 2015
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Kevin Bernhardt and Richard O'Neill

Cold foggy morning in January what to do?  Hike , of course to work off some of the Christmas pounds.  Actually sixteen people turned up to share in the suffering. The coldness made things a little better because the mud was frozen enough so that hikers didn’t have a ton of mud clinging to the bottom of their boots.  After crossing Jackson creek, Richard  siphoned off  nine Long Hikers and headed up the Soggy Bottom trail to go up under the power lines close to the northern boundary of the Habitat, following  the North Boundary Rd and down back into the fog via the Bear Tree  Trail. That group had two choices, a 9 mile or an eleven mile hike.  Bonus: the group soon encountered sunshine which showed off the ocean of fluffy white clouds punctuated by islands of hills and mountains which peeked above the fog.

Meanwhile, the five mile hikers crossed Jackson Creek and went up the West Barn Road, which connects to the Middle Ridge trail with the long, steep  slog to where the  Middle Ridge Trail connects with the Blacktail Ridge Rd which leads back down  to the West trailhead and the shuttle cars.  The Short Hikers, mileage, not stature, also got their time in the sun with the incredible blue skies showing off the vast sea of fog at their feet.  It was one of the prettiest hikes on North Bank Habitat ever seen with the spectral gloom of fog as one traveled through it and the lovely vista of the white sea of fog viewed from above.

Lunch at Lois’ Soup Kitchen went well with hikers arriving at different times.  Soup bowls were filled, consumed emptied and washed by the time the Long hikers arrived.  Casey and Merle bought sweet, much appreciated,  goodies for the lunch.


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