Wright Creek to Fox Creek - December 19, 2015
Coordinator John Malone and Bill Reilly, narration and pictures by Bill Reilly

Saturday morning we met Maureen, Rachel, Gary and Nancy at the Susan Creek rest stop. From there we carpooled to Wright Creek Bridge. Plans were to hike from that point to Tioga Bridge then back to Susan Creek parking lot. The weather was overcast and around 40 degrees – perfect for hiking. Despite having to climb over or under numerous fallen trees, we completed the first two miles of the hike in 50 minutes and reached 3 miles in an hour and sixteen minutes. The trail was in good condition, no wash outs, but covered with lots of maple leaves which made it slick crossing the wooden bridges.

About 10:20 we stopped at Elevation Rock for an early lunch then proceeded on down the trail. Thunder Creek was high but the bridge in excellent shape. Just past the four mile point we reached Fox Creek which was swollen and very swift. There was no way across the creek at the point of the trail. John and Bill looked up above the trail for a safe point to cross. By stepping on rocks and hanging on to a shaky fallen tree Bill was able to get across the creek but had to climb up a steep bank and wade through dense undergrowth to search for the tree. John decided that it was too risky to try to cross and he did not know what the trail was like from that point to Tioga so we turned around and hiked back to Wright Creek. We only met one other young couple on the trail. About noon we did see blue skies and it sounded like rain but just for a moment. We returned to our parking location early afternoon (about 1pm) having hiked an estimated 8 miles.


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