Dellenback Dunes - December 5, 2015
Coordinator Richard O'Neill, narration and pictures by Richard O'Neill

Only 4 hikers (and one dog) showed up for this hike. All the other slackers stayed at home after (presumably) reading the weather report. Something about high winds and lots of rain in the forecast. However, the Four Stooges enjoyed a blustery hike on the dunes, made more interesting because of the winds and coming storm.

 Upon entry on to the dunes, we hung a sharp right and headed straight up the tallest dune we could see for several miles. Whew, that was work and we hadn't even gone half a mile yet. From there we dropped down into a sandy canyon and then headed up the next sandy alp. And that was the pattern of the hike:  up, then down, up, then down. Lots of huffing and puffing but since we were off the beaten track on a soon to be stormy day, we pretty much had the dunes to ourselves.

 After cresting the fifth dune, Hall Lake came into view and we ate lunch in the lake basin as the wind picked up in intensity, When we returned to the dunes, we were sandblasted by the wind cresting the dunes. On the plus side, our dermabrasion treatment was free. The hike was cut short due to the impending storm and a spectacular hike was our reward.


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