Dellenback Dunes - February 28, 2015
Coordinator John Malone, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Rheo Wheeler and Kevin Bernhardt

On the last day of February, 2015, twelve hikers and “Wish” the dog spent the most beautiful day possible on the Dellenback Dunes. The sun shone so brilliantly that many lagoons between dunes reflected the sapphire blue of the sky, some of them edged the blue of the sky with turquoise shadings.

The breeze was brisk, making ear protection necessary especially as the nine long hikers crossed the oblique large dune on the way to the access through the forest marsh to the fore-dunes and the ocean. The trail that led through the pine forested marsh area lived up to its reputation for a wet hike, the water over the top of the boots in a couple of places. This group lunched on the beach, enjoying the warm sun and the miracle of only a slight breeze rather than the usual beach gale. They hiked south along the beach to Ten Mile Creek then made a loop across the dunes and back to the trailhead, a hike of about 8.2 miles. Some hikers inadvertently added some mileage by missing the turn and ended up going to the Eel Creek campground area. Richard and the two grandchildren probably covered double territory with the exuberant pace of the young. Both boys were excellent hikers.

Two hikers climbed the big fore dune and followed the trail to where it took off though the wooded marsh. After they saw the depth of the water on the trail to the beach they decided to retreat and explore all around Tree Island. They looped over the dunes and back to the trailhead. Another member scouted out campsites for a family backpack/campout in the area.

This is a hike most of the hikers had done many times but they were impressed with the especially beautiful day. One hiker said that it was the most wonderful dunes hike he had ever done. Thanks go to John Malone for agreeing to coordinate the hike.

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