Castle Creek Trail - March 28, 2015
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Kevin Bernhardt

On March 28 on a cool morning which evolved into a lovely warmer- than –usual spring day, hikers gathered in the Douglas County Courthouse parking lot to head out for a hike to Castle Creek. It ended up being a hike with eighteen people including two new hikers and six dogs which mostly got along.

They drove to the trailhead via the Copeland Creek turn off of Highway 138, about 2 hours ,total driving time including a rest stop. Edwin had scouted out the hike route and brought his handy-dandy chainsaw to cut our way through blow-down on the road. The road showed some of the hard usage winter weather had put it through, though judging from the brush on the road there had been more wind than snow. There was only a small stretch of snow left on the road, most unusual for this area, this time of year. There were several places on the trail where huge logs were blown down across the trail. One tree’s root wad blocked the trail so hikers had to navigate a muddy pit and clamber around the log. Persistence brought its own reward, the river came into view at about the four or five mile point and there were several really pretty waterfalls which made the trip worthwhile. Some members made short hikes and others racked up to ten miles. Out and back hikes do enable hikers to tailor the hike for their own inclinations and abilities.

Spring bloom sightings included some Hound’s Tongues, Fairy Slipper orchids and the Twin flowers were abundant. On the trail, the ubiquitous Himalayan black berries lay in wait to trip up the unwary hiker. The route on the way home yielded a couple of bonuses, a spectacular view of snow covered Diamond Peak and close to where Copeland Creek Rd joins Hwy 138, there is a great view of Eagle Rock that is not possible on 138 itself.

Thanks go to Edwin who worked hard to make the hike possible, driving the route and scouting and dealing with the blow down. A good spring hike with perfect weather.

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