Acker Divide Trail - April 11, 2015
Edwin Case, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Rheo Wheeler

Saturday morning, April 11, some ten people and 2 dogs met at the Courthouse parking lot to meet with Edwin in Canyonville with some more hikers and a dog to tackle the Acker Divide Trail, 12 hikers in all.

The weather forecast wasn’t nice but hikers are intrepid folks so they went on east past Tiller onto the Jackson Creek road to the Acker Divide trailhead. The snow was gone from the road but there was some visible between the trees in shady areas.

Starting from the trailhead and hiking on in to Grasshopper meadows, hikers tramped through up to six inches of snow. As the hikers approached Grasshopper meadows, they startled a herd of elk, including some of this year’s calves. The forerunner hikers got good sightings of the elk, later arrivals caught fleeting glimpses as the elk (literally) hightailed their way into the trees and brush.

After lunch in the Cripple Creek Shelter, it started snowing in earnest - enough so that the surrounding mountains were invisible, an eerie return to winter in April. The hikers decided it was a good time to head for the cars and the trailhead. It was an enjoyable hike with the elk sightings being the high point . Edwin is a good person for finding interesting hikes and being willing to take the time and effort to share them with his follow hikers.


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