Blacklock Point - April 25, 2015
Coordinator Rheo Wheeler, narration and pictures by Rheo Wheeler

We had only one car from Roseburg for the hike to Blacklock Point, a rather meager turnout to start. Knowing we were to meet at least one car of the Southcoast Strider's club and our own Kevin and "Wish" at the trailhead we headed out with the rainy forecast in our future. We arrived at the trailhead in about 2 1/2 hours and were greeted by Kevin and 10 members of the southcoast Strider's club. Quite a good turnout after all.

We hiked the regular trail out to Blacklock Point under sunny and not windy skies. After arriving at the point we were told of another trail off the point, rather than backtracking back to the Floras Lake junction of the trail. A big thanks to David Gray from the Coos Bay club for clearing out this trail and making a challenging climb down and back up rather than a backtrack. This new way off the point also puts you out on a nice overlook of the cliffs below. Some decided to be safe and backtrack, and the rest plunged over the side and had a good scramble.

We stopped at the first overlook and had lunch, then preceded to the overlook where the waterfall starts and much picture taking ensued of the gorgeous shadows playing on the striking cliff sides. We than proceeded down to the beach trail to take advantage of the low tide and walked south to the bottom of the same waterfall.

Time to hike back to the trail that spit us out on the beach, and hike up and back to the cars. Sorry more people didn't make this hike, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and not windy and we did about 9.5 miles.


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