Cliff and Buckeye Lakes - May 23, 2015
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Larry and Dania

Cloudy day but nice temperatures greeted the two people that Edwin met at the courthouse parking lot. Four more were gathered at the Forest Glen facility in Canyonville, making seven hikers in total. Arriving at the trailhead, the group made an ascent to the viewpoints at the two lakes, they could even see Grasshopper Mountain though the clouds, although visibility in general was limited.

Edwin received two sets of telephone warnings about the hike, one in regard to the trail condition with blow-downs blocking the trail and another warning was given about a cougar sighting in the area. Edwin reported that they saw squirrels and deer but no cougars or bear to make the hike more exciting. The Blow-down wasn’t too bad in their section of the area.

Edwin and Dania earned their “good guy” status by picking up trash all along the trashed trail. Edwin reported that they found twenty trout heads thrown into Cliff Lake, leaving hikers scratching their heads about why people would do such a thing in such a beautiful area.

The hike itself was about 5½ miles rather than the 3.4 mile number on the hike description. The group decided it was a great hike, with a nice day and beautiful views. Thanks go to Edwin for being a good, hard-working leader who drove all the extra miles to meet his hikers in Roseburg.


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