Hole in the Ground and HIgh Rock Meadows - June 20, 2015
Coordinator Edwin Case and narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Diane Rannow

Eight people turned out for the Hole in the Ground/ High Rock Meadow and Mountain hike. Some people probably came on the hike to see what the Hole in the Ground looked like. Spoiler Alert!! The “ Hole” appears to have been an ice-melt pond in its early stages but is now a high altitude meadow with a stream running through it , full of beautiful wildflowers. Some of the hikers made it to the High Rock Meadows, which were lush and green, also filled with beautiful wildflower as well as huge, tall, bracken ferns. The hike was worth the pay off in wildflowers that had bloomed and disappeared earlier in the season at lower altitudes. The road getting to the trailhead was long and rough but only one car was defeated by the ruts.

Some of the faster long distance hikers made it to the Rocky Ridge trail where they could see the top of High Rock Mountain. Others were content to linger in the beautiful mountain meadows. It was a little on the warm side but there was a good breeze.

Because it was an Edwin hike, sighting of wildlife was expected. The only wildlife sighting was represented by a rabbit which almost got itself run over.

Our gratitude goes to Edwin for finding new hikes and being willing to share them with the club.


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