Redwoods Club Campout - June 4-7, 2015
Coordinator Diana Pace, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Nettie Apland, Ron Owan and Diane Rannow

Thirteen people turned out for the annual camping-hiking trip. This year it was in the Redwoods, specifically the Prairie Creek State Park section of the Redwoods, some miles south of Crescent City. The group fitted into 4 campsites by a lovely stream and were exceedingly lucky not to be tormented by mosquitoes, there were some but it wasn’t too bad. Diana did a good job finding good campsites and had reserved two, Lois reserved one and Diane Rannow also reserved one because she wanted to stay longer. The Hiking club paid for the campsites and parking.

There were many trails available at different distances and locales so the group split up each day to hike according to what they wanted to see and how far they wished to hike or drive. Some of the trails taken were: the Elk Prairie loop, the Fern Canyon Loop which had an outstandingly beautiful short hike through Maiden Hair Fern- draped 50 foot canyon walls. John and Edwin swore the James Irvine Trail was the most beautiful of all. The Tall Trees Canyon Trail had an interesting access through a locked gate with a special combination and local begging bear cub which some the group saw. The Ladybird Johnson Redwood Grove was awesome. Diana Pace took the Rhododendron Trail as a shuttle on the way out. Edwin and Consuelo waded up to their waist in Redwood Creek and Lois took a spill in Home Creek in Fern Canyon. The weather was warm enough that the water mishaps felt good.

It was a congenial group which gathered around the campfires in the evenings. It was a great camping trip, with wonderful hikes through inspiring scenery.
Thanks go to Diana for getting the show on the road and organizing it all..


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