Rattlesnake Mountain - July 18, 2015
Coordinator John Malone, narration and pictures by Bill Reilley

Eight Friends of the Umpqua Hiking Club departed from the Glide Information station on Saturday, 18 July, heading up the North Umpqua on HWY 138. The group was led by John Malone. After a rest stop at Watson Falls, they continued on up the road past Watson Falls and turned off at the parking lot for Rattlesnake Mountain.

They started hiking at 10:23. The group consisted of four fast hikers and four not so fast hikers. It was supposed to be 99 degrees in Roseburg, since the hike was fairly high up, 6,656 feet at the top with an elevation gain of 1750 feet and mostly in and out of the shade, it was ideal hiking weather. The trail was not very obvious. The grass had grown up a lot since John and Edwin had pre hiked it a month or two before, so John set out some markers and waited for stragglers to make sure they didn't get lost.

The group got to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain about 12:20 and had lunch there. There was a beautiful view of the rim of Crater Lake. Hikers could also see one of the two "Rabbit ears" plus Union Peak and from some areas, Thielsen. Bill Reilly and Diana started back sooner than the rest of the group. There are several junctions on the trail and maps would have been helpful. They split up and Bill, after heading off cross-country bushwhacked his way until he finally found a trail with a sign "to trail", but the trail kept going uphill and turned left. He thought maybe he was heading back up to Rattlesnake Mountain, and was just about ready to turn around when he heard a vehicle on the road. He let out a holler and the next thing he knew, John was coming down the trail towards him. He had found the road alright but was bout 4-5 miles away from where the cars were parked. He probably hiked 10 miles as compared with the rest of the group who did about 6 miles. The group, including Diana had found their way back to the cars without the extra distance.

It was a good hike on a very hot day down from the mountain. Kudos to John for organizing a great hike.


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