Heceta Head and the Hobbit Trail - August 29, 2015
Coordinator and narration by Lois Soulia

Heceta Head and the Hobbit Trail hike was on the schedule for August 29, 2015.  It had been scheduled twice before but cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

Hikers had memories of a March Heceta Head hike two years before which had been disastrous but because it is a favorite hike it was decided to try it again in the summer.  It was going to be a “third time is a charm” hike.

The weather reports predicted 65 mile an hour wind gusts with a possible half inch of rain.  Understandably, only three hikers showed up at the parking lot . They met Rachel in Reedsport and proceeded north towards Heceta Head.  It was windy along the way.  By the time they reached Florence, the hike coordinator had decided not to hike under any trees because of the possibility of 65 miles an hour wind gusts.  Instead, the group hiked on the South Jetty near Florence, a short out and back windy- but- not-dangerous  hike  on the beach with no trees.

The group celebrated Rachel’s birthday with a wonderful lunch in Florence and Bill was very generous, picking up the tab.  Meanwhile Elona had missed the group and hiked the Heceta trail hoping to meet up with the group.  She had no problems with 65 mile gusts.

Ah Well. We’ll try again.

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