North Bank Deer Habitat - January 2, 2016
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by name and pictures by Bill Riley

The first hike for 2016 had a sparse turnout, seven people braved the cold, which started out at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Some met at the Douglas County parking lot and others at the east trailhead in the Comstock Day Use Area. Frost was on the ground and ice in the puddles but Jackson Creek still had lots of water flowing over hiker’s boots as they made the first crossing.  The coordinator wished they had planned to start out at 9 a.m. which would have lessened the amount of ice on the trail and the roads.  Next Year, if we can remember, we can start out later.


The group took the Blacktail Basin trail and looped over the top and returned on the well named Soggy Bottoms trail. Bill and Lois had scouted the trail to the left of the steep route up the hill after the Jackson Creek crossing the day before and found the route ending on a very steep trip down the Powerline trail where the cows graze and turn the trail to a slimy mess. So they decided the group was better off to follow the basic Blacktail Basin trail. Up on the hilltops the sun came out and gloves and jackets came off in the glorious sunshine. The sun made the hike worthwhile as most of us hadn’t seen sunshine for some time.


Lois’ Soup Kitchen was open and served very hot posole (where was Richard?) soup and ice cream.


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