Mildred Kanipe Park - January 30, 2016
Coordinator Diane Rannow with John Malone substituting, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Richard O'Neill

Ten hikers turned out for a hike around Mildred Kanipe Park near Oakland.  Diane was very ill so John gallantly stepped in to lead the hike.  The day started out between showers with a 39 degree of cold.  The hikers were fortunate as members of the hiking club often are, the showers held off until almost the last third of the hike.  Hiker’s temperatures warmed up in direct proportion to the steepness of the trail.


They started out following the road west till the cut- off to the Oak Savannah section.  Losing two hikers who turned back, they followed the Oak Savannah trail until its junction with the Fern Woods.  The Fern Woods Trail was down, down downhill with riverlets tracing the trail.   Richard patiently waited at the creek crossings for the poor unfortunates of the group who would surely take a leap too small for the stream but most made it over with no more than a boot or a pole in the water, to Richard’s photographic frustration. At the intersection of where the trail takes off over a bridge to the Under Hill trail, the oldest member of the party headed to the parking lot.  The others followed the Underwood Hill trail in a loop for the last third of the hike.  It was the steepest part of the hike but truly lovely with myriad shades of green mosses lining the trail.


It was a good day for hiking and close enough to home to leave some part of the day for other pursuits.


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