Fairview Creek - November 5, 2016
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Richard O'Neill

The weather for November 5th was predicted to be dreadful, heavy rain. The day before the hike, Edwin decided not to try to do Fairview Peak and switched the hike destination to the Calf segment of the North Umpqua trail. But on the day, the intrepid hikers gathered at the parking lot, scanned the sky and said…“ what the heck, let’s hike to Fairview Peak”.  So Edwin, Lane, Patty, John, Richard, and Lindsay took off for the Bohemia Mine road.  

The weather was beautiful Edwin said just a few drops of rain fell, not enough to make anything wet. They took the road to Fairview but on the narrow ridge road up the mountain they encountered a landslide with boulders blocking the road. So intrepid souls that they are they hiked around the boulders and on up the road three miles to a sign that said Bohemia 7 miles. The views were terrific they could pick out Tipsoo Peak, Diamond Peak and some of the Cascades.

Real hikers don’t particularly like hiking on roads so at a trail sign they took the McKinley Rock Trail which led to McKinley Rock (surprise, surprise), a gigantic rock about the size of five houses. They put in about two strenuous miles on that trail.  Edwin is going to report the road blockage to the U.S. Forest Service.

On some days, Edwin has a real magic touch for the weather and this was one of the days. He certainly can find memorable hikes for the lucky hikers who follow him.


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