Dellenback Dunes - December 3, 2016
Coordinator John Malone, narration by John Malone and Lois Soulia and pictures by Maureen Hansen

On a cool drizzly day in December the friends of the Umpqua hiking club gathered to take a hike on the Dellenback Dunes. The group fitted into Edwin’s car and headed over to the coast. They took Hwy 138, always a treat because of the lovely views of the Umpqua River on its journey to the ocean. They met Rachel at the trailhead making up a party of six.

They climbed the big dune then took off south towards Ten Mile Creek avoiding the deflation area towards the ocean where they would have had to wade. The advantage to this route was apparent in the views of many lagoons fed by the heavy rains, along the way, the blue lagoons mirroring the blue skies. It was shirt-sleeve weather and no wind to speak of. The little river-lets they encountered could be jumped over so no wet feet ensued. Lunch at about 12:30 was at the mouth of Ten Mile Creek where the high tide line would be at about 2 p.m. After lunch they roamed about a bit before heading to the Trailhead, making it about a satisfying eight plus mile hike.

Hikers agree, John does lead great hikes.


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