Soda Springs - February 13, 2016
Coordinator Lois Soulia, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Bill Riley

February weather guarantees one thing, changeable weather.  The hiking gods were merciful this day, there were nice hints of sun mostly in the morning but moderate temperatures and no rain.  Seven hikers turned out for the hike but since there were only two vehicles involved, the shuttle part of the hike got complicated.  It ended up with six hikers going from Soda Springs to Pine Bench  and Lois going back to the Marster’s Bridge parking spot and then following the Jessie Wright trail for a few miles.  At the Soda Springs trailhead, under the penstock flumes, the hikers were greeted by a magnificent chorus of spring frogs who trilled their several hundred hearts out to celebrate the coming spring.  Strangely that was the only place where frog song quivered the air although there was no shortage of water elsewhere.

Three members made the loop back down to Soda Springs, and three others made it back to Marster’s Bridge on a different loop, giving them about a 7.6 mile hike according to Merle’s smart phone. 

 There was quite a bit of blow- down over the trail as the hikers neared Marster’s Bridge necessitating some thrashing and maneuvering over and under the trees.  There were no problems crossing the various streams as the week earlier had been quite dry. The kayakers are out on the river, waving to Lois as she went over and they went under Marster’s Bridge. 



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