Dellenback Dunes - March 26, 2016
Coordinator John Malone, narration by Lois Soulia

It rained all the way to the coast, but once there the hike was pretty free of rain, with only a little mist to make things mysterious at the tree and fog shrouded lunch spot for the seven intrepid hikers.    It was a pleasant surprise for Rachel to meet the group at the trailhead. The recent showers insured that the trail through the shore pine forest was pretty much covered with water, boot-top- high water.  The Sohns had brought plastic bags to put over their boots and Jacky was triumphant  in having dry socks.  Whatever works!

The group made their way south, down the coast to the intersection with Tenmile Creek.  Then they made the loop north, back up the fore dune and down to the cars.  The sun came out and turned the miniature lagoons to a brilliant blue scattered among the untracked sand, making it a beautiful hike all the way around.  A birthday party at the Sugar Shack celebrated Rick’s birthday. John pronounced it a fine hike.

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