Brice Creek - April 23, 2016
Rheo Wheeler, narration and pictures by Rheo Wheeler

There were only five wise people who ventured out on the supposedly rainy day for the Brice Creek hike. The regular hikers are aware that somehow the rain Gods know when we hike and usually give us a break in the weather just long enough to get our hike in, and this was no exception.

The 2 fellows, John and Lindsay, opted for the Upper Trestle Falls trail, while the 3 gals, Nancy, Diane, and Rheo headed down the Lower Trestle trail. Brice Creek was that beautiful shade of cold aqua blue and so clear you could see the bottom. This trail is very shaded most of the way so even when it sprinkled, we were protected from most of theĀ wetness. They have notched the log we normally have to crawl over on the way up to the Lower Falls, so our access was much easier this time. We had lunch at Lund Park, just off the trail, with intermittent appearances by the sun. The fellows hiked about 8-9 miles, while the gals did about 6-7 miles.


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