Sunset Bay to Cape Arago - April 9, 2016
Coordinator Joe Kliestik, narration and pictures by Bill Riley

18 hikers traveled to the Oregon Coast under guidance of Joe Kliestik and his wife, Helen, to hike about 8 miles along the Oregon Coast from Sunset Bay to Cape Argo and back. Although there was some "misting" in the Roseburg area, the weather on the coast was perfect for hiking. It was overcast all day but there was no rain, nor wind.

This section of the Oregon Coast was quite different from Dellenback Dunes which has miles and miles of sandy beach. At Sunset Bay we hiked through a forested area some 30-60 feet above the sea. Although we saw thousands of small fir cones on the path, I only saw one seedling growing along the trail where when hiking in the higher elevations like Soda Springs the forest is filled with new growth coming up.

It was just over a two-hour drive from Roseburg to the trailhead. Because we had such a large group the first half was more meandering than actually hiking. It took us almost two hours to hike from Sunset Bay to Cape Arago. Lindsay and I made the return trip in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was nice to see so many old friends turn out for this hike, Jim Paris and his wife, Merle, Lois, Rheo, who hasn't hiked since she got bit by a dog last November, Maurine, Rachael, Valery and David, Lindsay plus several new to me hikers. Kevin and Wish were there too. One young couple just moved here from Florida when the wife was offered a job in the Laboratory at our Roseburg VA Medical Center.

There were two significant highlights on this hike. The first being the botanical gardens at Shore Acres. The flowers were in full bloom and the grounds were immaculate. We did have three very well behaved dogs with us Saturday and they were not allowed in the fenced gardens. The second highlight was the hundreds of sealions that we saw and heard. One particular sheltered bay area seems to be a permanent home of various species of sealion. I believe it was the California variety that was making all the noise. The area is also a good place to watch for whales as they migrate up and down the coast. – however we did not see any. 

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