Blacklock Point to Floras Lake - May 7, 2016
Coordinator and narration by Rheo Wheeler. Pictures by Richard O'Neill

Another small turnout for a wonderful hike at the coast. Five from the Roseburg area and Rachel from the coast met at the airport north of Port Orford to hike out to Blacklock Point.

The wind was howling above us in the trees and it was foggy, but when we reached the Point the skies cleared and of course the wind continued–Come on, it's the Oregon Coast in Spring.

We did some bushwacking off the point to avoid retracing our steps to rejoin the coast trail. Quite exciting between the bushes trying to devour me, and Richard finding the creek the hard way,  then the climb up to regain the trail, what we won't do to avoid retracing our steps.

Lots of picture taking from the viewpoints and some lunch eating in the wind, then the gals headed back to the airport, while Richard and Dave continued on to Floras Lake to get about 9 miles for their hike. The gals settled for about 5 or 6 miles.


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