Rogue River West, Marial to Paradise Lodge - June 18, 2016
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Edwin Case

On the hike from Marial to Paradise Lodge, Edwin had four people join him on the trail along the Rogue River. There were two new hikers and two long time members who enjoyed the perfect- weather hike, not too hot or cold which isn’t always the case along the Rogue. There was some small rain on the way to the hike but none along the trail. It was a pretty day altogether.

The hikers were surprised at the renovation of the Paradise Lodge, some new features were incorporated and the building interior looked like new. At the lodge the hikers saw five boats come in and turn around.

Animal life included grouse and Osprey patrolling the river.

This was a good hike and Edwin did his usual good job.

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