Twin Lakes - August 27, 2016
Coordinator, narration and pictures by Bill Riley

Patti Thomas and Edwin were the only people who showed up at the parking lot by 0800 Saturday. Valerie and David showed up a bit later but they were going on their own as they planned to camp after the hike. Patti, Edwin and I hiked by ourselves. After stopping at the overlook point to try to identify mountains and where Casey lives we continued on going first to the overlook Rock because Edwin figured it would be cooler going there in the morning. Good choice.

Temperature was great and very little haze in the sky. Saw lots of wild blue berries and thimble berries which we sampled but did not try the bright red berries. The view from the overlook rock was great. Edwin figured out where Piney Bench was located and about where Casey lives, near Jessie Wright's old homestead.

After a bite to eat Valerie and David joined us. They remained there while Patti, Edwin and I continued on to walk around the lakes.  We met up with Casey and her boyfriend Ed at the second, smaller lake and ate our lunch there.

The outhouse at the smaller lake is in a bad state of repair but could be fixed up. We continued on clockwise around the lakes got back to the campground at the first lake. The plastic mesh that I nailed around the openings on the latrine that was built at the campground was still intact. We continued on back to the cars, making sure we did not go the wrong way, down "Deception" trail.  Edwin suggested that might be a possible hike in the future for a shuttle hike if we could figure out where it ends.  I figure we hiked maybe 4.5 to 5 miles so it was a very easy relaxing day.

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