Tipanogas Lake - September 10, 2016
Coordinator Edwin Case, narration and pictures by Bill Riley

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, seven Friends of the Umpqua Hiking Club departed the court house parking lot about 8:10 a.m. The group drove up HWY 138 to about the 78 or 79 mile marker where they turned off north along a long gravel road, past Lemolo Lake to Tipanogas Lake. The road was dusty but in good shape. They saw lots of hunters so they suspected it was the first day of some sort of hunting season, as some fellows were carrying rifles not bows and arrows.

They started hiking about 10:45, arriving shortly at a sign with three options. Some took the left trail to Indigo Lake. After resting and regrouping, four hikers started clockwise around Indigo lake towards Sawtooth Mountain. They saw a few huckleberries along the way but they were very small and dry. There were no thimble berries. Four hikers converged at at the overlook point where they had lunch, then started on up to the ridge. One hiker thought she remembered a short cut to the peak and didn't want to go the long ways around behind the peak with Edwin, the leader, so she took off on her own, with a radio, but was unable to continue on due to recent growth of trees so turned around and headed back to the cars.

John, Edwin and Bill continued on around behind the peak and came up the opposite side. There was quite a bit of loose gravel on the way up. Nearer the top the surface was more like lava, sharp and fixed, not loose, but still one could fall. Edwin continued on to the top and despite having skin surgery on his back last week. John and Bill decided to wait for him to return. We started back off the top about 3 p.m., and got back to the cars about 4:50. Despite having plenty to eat and drink we were all rather tired and glad to be back at the cars. Patti, Jane and Bob were waiting for us at the cars and we got back to Roseburg about 7 p.m.. Another great hike and thanks to Edwin for his guidance.

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