Dellenback Dunes - May 20, 2017
Coordinator John Malone, narration by Lois Soulia and pictures by Richard O'Neill

Eleven people tuned out for this hike with a total of four solo drivers, a two party car and Richard’s carload.

From time to time there was mist but by and large, it didn’t really rain. There was just enough moisture to keep the wet sand from blowing on the brisk wind.

The group decided to forgo the deflation area that leads down to the beach with its boot soaking puddles, so they climbed the big dune for the views then headed over to Tenmile Creek and made their way to the beach pausing to eat their lunches in a sheltered area before reaching the ocean. John set a precedent for getting to the beach with dry boots.

There were two really energetic kids on the hike, Emma, Gaoying’s daughter and Daweson, one of Richard’s grandsons. They were a delight to watch, Daweson with his leaps and summersaults and Emma with her vitality and stamina. They brought more joy to the marvelous vistas always present on the dunes. Oh yes, we mustn’t forget Rachel’s enormous leap which Richard captured with his ever- present camera eye. Rheo got a good picture of Daweson’s flip off a dune.

There were marvelous views of the lagoons with their sparkly blue waters even when there were no blue skies. The breezes kept the day from being too warm for hiking - in fact it was a perfect hiking day. Thanks go to John for coordinating.

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