Bohemia Mountain and Fairview Peak - July 1, 2017
Coordinator Edwin Case

It was July, 1, a really busy day with lots going on and a surprising number – seventeen - people turned out to follow Edwin Case to Bohemia Mt. and Fairview Peak. There were some clouds which kept the weather from being too hot to enjoy hiking, but luckily the clouds parted from time to time to show off the scenery which included awesome views from Three Sisters to Mt. McLoughlin.

Edwin warned the hikers, some of whom were new to the club, that if they didn’t want to hike the four steep miles to both mountains to choose to hike Bohemia rather than Fairview. They hiked Fairview first with its unmanned climbable fire lookout tower then Bohemia which had a large patch of snow near the top which surprised the two children with the party. The kids did really well on the hike. One hiker was missed but found as he made a short cross-country detour. Edwin usually sees wildlife on his hikes but this time only saw a covey of grouse the day before on his scouting trip.

The new hikers were very enthusiastic and seemed to like the idea of other hikes with the Friends. Edwin is a wonderful leader and he led them all safely home via Cottage Grove.

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