Boundary Springs - July 15, 2017
Coordinator John Malone and picture by Susan Board

Eleven hikers met in the Douglas County Courthouse parking lot on a beautiful sunny July day. They proceeded to the trailhead which is past Diamond Lake on Hwy 230. Starting from the Crater Rim Viewpoint, the group made their way down the cliffs, crossed a very small Rogue River and passed three trail junctions before seeing the springs from which gushes the mighty Rogue River. A new hiker aided John in covering the various turnoff choices as hikers proceeded at different speeds and needed some guidance.

Last year’s North Crater Fire burned the ground and many trees along the way. It burned clear up to the springs, the only green was right along the water’s edge. The downed trees were charcoal leading to the dreaded Hiker’s Black Butt condition when they inadvertently sat on the charcoal logs for lunch or didn’t step high enough when crossing the logs.

The fire did accomplish one thing to the good, the landscape was much more visible than when the trees were there , alive and green. The weather was superb, not too hot but summerish and perfect for the altitude. John drank the pure delicious water from the springs and some followed his example for a wonderful taste. Thanks go to John for great leadership.

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