South Slough Reserve - August 26, 2017
Coordinator Edwin Case

It was a smoky morning in Roseburg and destined to get even smokier as the week progressed.  Eleven people turned out in spite of the smoke and heat and drove in a three car caravan to the South Slough Reserve close to Charleston over on the coast. Two of the group were new hikers who seemed to enjoy the experience.

They hiked the loops at the Reserve, up the old defunct railroad track, past the deserted farm holdings and around the big swamp which because it was low tide, was more grass than water.  Lunch was eaten on the big deck on the south edge of the Reserve. Covering all the loops, it ended up to be about a five mile hike with balmy 64 to 70 degree temperatures. Wildlife was in the form of a “Racer” garden snake which was not invited to lunch.

After the hike, the group went off in several directions. Some hiked the Bastendorff Beach and others hit their favorite tide pools elsewhere.  It was hard to leave the gorgeous weather and clear air of the coast for what was sure to be the hot smoky Umpqua Valley air. Edwin did his usual great job as hike leader.

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